Vertical Farm Sculpture

Vertical Farm sculpture :: Technisches Museum Wien

Our fourth demon­stra­tor can be seen and touched until the end of august 2022 at the Tech­ni­cal Muse­um Vienna.

ver­ti­cal farm sculp­ture :: © 2022 ver­ti­cal farm institute

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What the plant needs to grow: Light, Car­bon diox­ide, Water.

The Vien­na High-Spring-Water sup­plies our plants at Tech­ni­cal Muse­um in  Vien­na with Nitrate, Chlo­ride, Sul­fate, Flu­o­ride, Cal­ci­um, Mag­ne­sium, Sodi­um and Potassium.

To sup­port opti­mum growth of our plants, we add
sodi­um, potas­si­um and phos­phates to our water, three of the most impor­tant micronu­tri­ents in plant cultivation.

The opti­mum light need­ed for plant growth is too low in the exhi­bi­tion area. In order to cov­er the miss­ing light spec­trum and light qual­i­ty, LEDs were posi­tioned, which were devel­oped espe­cial­ly for plant cul­ti­va­tion. Plants love the red and blue parts of the light spectrum.

Small pumps ensure the enrich­ment of the water with oxy­gen and the water cycle itself.

The exper­i­men­tal sculp­ture is in a per­ma­nent process of transformation.

With each vis­it at TMW you will per­ceive the plants differently.

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