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eu::POLIS Hori­zon 2020

eu::POLIS Horizon 2020

Being part of the mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary process allows us to meet both spe­cif­ic needs from the munic­i­pal­i­ties and com­bin­ing them with local­ly exist­ing poten­tials to set up an action plan to pre­pare a sol­id basis to imple­ment new build­ing typologies. 

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Build­ing Refur­bish­ment for food production

Building Refurbishment for food production

Upcom­ing EU Tax­on­o­my, ESG-cri­te­ria and all relat­ed changes to CO2-emis­­sions lead to rethink poten­tials of low-ener­­gy-stan­­dards of exist­ing build­ings. Expand­ing the life­cy­cle of build­ings by acti­vat­ing it for food pro­duc­tion leads to effec­tive pro­duc­tive and resilient cities. 

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Cloud Farm :: St. Pöl­ten Austria

Cloud Farm :: St. Pölten Austria

The city of St. Pöl­ten, in pur­suit of its vision of becom­ing the fittest city of Aus­tria, has aligned its strate­gic goals with the Smart City con­cept; urban food pro­duc­tion asks for being the fourth col­umn of it. 

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Ver­ti­cal Farm Aspern Vienna

Vertical Farm Aspern Vienna

The Ver­ti­cal Farm – a build­ing typol­o­gy which accepts the lim­its to growth, acknowl­edges sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence, the intrin­sic human dri­ve for change to the bet­ter, the appre­ci­a­tion of life. 

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Ver­ti­cal Farm Sculpture

Vertical Farm Sculpture

Our forth demon­stra­tor can be seen and touched until the end of august 2022 at the Tech­ni­cal Muse­um Vienna. 

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Ver­ti­cal Farm Lade­park Kreuz-Hilden

Vertical Farm Ladepark Kreuz-Hilden

Ver­ti­cal farm­ing is cur­rent­ly being inten­sive­ly researched as a pos­si­ble future form of food cul­ti­va­tion for the grow­ing world pop­u­la­tion, and is being test­ed and imple­ment­ed in sus­tain­able, eco­nom­i­cal­ly func­tion­ing pro­duc­tion systems. 

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The Fire­wall
Vertical Farm Firewall

The Firewall

The Fire­wall is a ver­ti­cal farm that has devel­oped from the search for unused prop­er­ties in the city. The design con­cept is based on the basic premise of using inner city den­si­fi­ca­tion for the pro­duc­tion of food. 

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